Cubase 12 Pro Mac M1 Max Some VST not showing in plugin manager

I have recently moved to Apple (why oh why!) on the M1 Max Macbook Pro.
I have added all my vst’s (which work on my Windows machine on Cubase 12 Pro).
I can see them all in the correct folders in Finder.
Davinci Resolve (Fusion) can see and use them correctly.
Cubase 12 Pro will not see them in VST Plugin Manager?

Any ideas?
to get it working on Mac that is. I’ve already had the idea about sticking with PC!!


Do you run Cubase in native M1 mode (if yes, are all the plug-ins M1 Native too), or do you start Cubase in Rosetta 2 mode?

I have tried both. I am new to Mac, but I have a couple of Cubase users that have always been Mac, so they have looked at where the VSTs are and told me about the Rosetta thing. The VSTs specifically in question are Kontakt, Battery, Massive, Spire, Serum, Sylenth, Sonalksis filter. They are VST2 rather than 3.

Cubase 12 running in native mode has no VST2 support. Steinberg’s official position is that the VST2 SDK is not supported on Apple Silicon (native mode on an M1 Mac).

If you cannot obtain VST3 native mode plugins, you will need to run Cubase in Rosetta mode.

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Typical Steinberg idiocy. If ableton works perfectly in native mode with both VST2 and VST3 why should Cubase be different?