Cubase 12 Pro - Now available on splice rent-to-own

That’s what I’m hoping.

If you need to have an active subscription for loops and whatnot, eh, it’s a different deal. Maybe there are people that use Splice a lot and it will suit them to get Cubase if they don’t have it already, but in my eyes it would still be a niche market compared to the superset of people who would probably use rent-to-own to buy Steinberg products, no strings attached. (E.g. directly from Steinberg)

100% I know you don’t need a splice sub, I got Serum via splice so know first hand.

As for Steinberg running rent to own, I doubt they want the overhead of that - Just think, all they have to do with Splice is sell them at some kind reseller rate and let Splice deal with it all.

Splice may only be paying 300/License, but think of the people who only use it for a few months - technically that’d be a sale for Steinberg at the equivalent of crossgrading pricemark.

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It appears Splice service not needed, just start free account and select the RTO product you want.

Add Halion plz!

I could see Halion being a BIG sell , ive already seen loads asking for Halion to be added

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If you buy Absolute collection when it goes on offer (40-50% off) you can do 12 payments with paypal credit at 0% at many retailers. Works out about 20/Month over a year.

Trouble is you, have to get a paypal credit account - of course.

But i’d prefer to just pay less by commiting to buying and not renting! :slight_smile:

What I would like to know is: What happens when version 13 drops? Do I have to first pay 36 months for CB12 and then upgrade to ver 13? Or is it possible to switch to the newest version? So many questions.

I’m sure it will not include anything but Cubase 12, since they say that many times over in the terms.

How can I upgrade my Rent-to-Own plan?

When you upgrade, your payment period is simply extended. Select upgrade plans feature discounted upgrade pricing, but regardless of which product you’re upgrading, your monthly installment price won’t increase. The total cost of the upgrade is the full price for the previous version plus a discounted price for the latest version.

When you finish your original Rent-to-Own payment period, you’ll receive the serial for the previous version. When you finish the payment period for both versions, you’ll receive the serial for the most recent version. You can upgrade right on the software’s Rent-to-Own sign-up page on the website.



Brilliant marketing targeting a specific audience …

Ok thank you. This makes sense. So I’ll just wait for the 40% offer then pay for the upgrade when it drops.

I guess it depends on which bracket of which bracket of which bracket, poor in America is a lot different than poor in Congo… Then again, there are musicians in the Congo who drive a Lambourghini (watch the DW docu Life Of The Super-Rich in Central Africa). Things are changing in the world though according to some economists, everyone is doing better more so than ever.

I already have some single licenses I don’t want to surrender into a bundle.

First one’s free, dude! :sunglasses:

Bottom of septic tank, were it? Lucky you! :laughing:

But seriously, with everything else moving to some form of pay-to-play, I guess it was inevitable that even Steinberg would too. On the positive side, it should help reduce piracy in much the same way as iTunes & Co. reduced MP3 sharing, and should enhance the viability of Steinbergs business model and ensure their survival, something we should all welcome.

Personally, the concept doesn’t appeal to me though.

I recently just bought Cubase 12 Pro outright in the sale, but this could be good for people who can’t afford to buy it in one go. The only problem I foresee, though, is that a new version of Cubase usually comes out every 2 years (on average), so if you don’t own the program until after 34 months, what happens when the new version of Cubase comes out?

The other way to look at this is you only need to do this once . Once you have bought into the Cubase eco system ,after your 34 months you then save your pennies ,wait for the next Cubase sale and then update for an even cheaper option and then you are on the update path .
To get on the update path this is a great idea to be honest . It means you are going to have to wait or renew your R-t-o but it’s a choice

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Hey, just to answer the update question, the Splice RTO covers the latest generation at the start of the RTO plan. So when a new generation of Cubase is released you will still own and rent the version that you started with. But you can add the update to the latest version of your rent-to-own plan. Then you will get access to the latest version and your monthly payments will slightly increase.


So it seems that Cubase 13 isn’t near? Does this mean more work on bug fixes in upcoming period? :grin:

:microphone:Can you confirm or deny any plans or rumors of more Steinberg products to follow Cubase 12 and BackBone in this new RTO option? :microphone:

For now it’s just Cubase Pro and Backbone. Currently there are no plans to add more products, but that might change.

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