Cubase 12 Pro - Now available on splice rent-to-own

As far as I know, Splice operates on the basis that if a new version is released, your subscription is switched on to that one. I could be wrong there but I think I seen that mentioned for Izotope Ozone.

Edit: It appears my info is wrong based on @Matthias_Quellmann response.

I guess Splice is referring to maintenance updates when they mention “access to the latest version”.

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Perhaps, or I’ve read into it wrong entirely! lol

So for people entering into this plan are you offering any guarantees that a new version won’t be released within the next x months or anything?

We’re confused as to what the update cycle looks like going forward so would be great to have a little clarity here.

Unfortunately I can’t comment on the release date of the next Cubase generation.

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But can you confirm the MR will be fully functional before the new generation ? Ohhhhh and ive never heard Cubasae Updates called 'new generation ’ . sounds exciting :+1: :upside_down_face:

Help me out: What do you mean by MR? I have’t read through the whole thread here. Sorry.

Sorry Matthias ,i mean the Midi Remote

Ok. Can you point me to the thread where “fully functional” is discussed? The splice thread here might not be the right place to discuss.

Sure , here .
Steinberg - MIDI Remote Editor roadmap? Critical issues and bugs - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Add Absolute 6 Update from Halion 6 please

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Do you know what happens if someone has paid off a portion of it, and then fails a payment? Is that person able to resume payments from wherever they were at, when they’re ready? And will you lose all your projects and VSTs if you fail a payment?

You would cancel the plan rather than fail to pay, and in that instance yes you can resume the plan at a later date, and no you won’t lose projects or anything - just the ability to use the software until you resume again.

Full info is here:

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You would have thought Splice would have had the sense to add Cubase to the top 5 DAWs supported if Steinberg are going to offer a 2 months free voucher for the service. I appreciate Cubase will work with the plugins provided but hardly a joined-up cross promotion for either party!?