Cubase 12 Pro - passing from trial to full with upgrade from 9.5

(I write in the forum because I have no answer to my support request for the same problem)
I have a 9.5 Pro USB E-License and I downloaded the trial version of Cubase 12. Now I want to buy the full version of Cubase Pro 12. I read that I will pass from USB E-Licensing system to Sw E-licensing system. I’d like to know:
a: if I have necessarily to wait trial version to expire before buying final version
b: if it’s necessary to repeat download and installation for final full version
c: if yes if I have to delete the trial version installation before downloading Cubase Pro 12 from the ‘upgrade’ download page
thank you

All you have to do is enter the download access code for your Cubase update into the Steinberg Download Assistant. This will upgrade your Cubase Pro 9.5 license and add the Cubase Pro 12 license to the Steinberg Activation Manager.

You don’t have to redownload anything. The trial version is identical to the full paid version, the only difference is the license. Do note that all bundled VST instruments have been updated since Cubase 9.5. Please download the latest versions if you haven’t done so yet by clicking the Cubase Pro 12 icon in the Steinberg Download Assistant.