Cubase 12 Pro - start/play delay 200ms~

Cubase 12 Pro, start/play has little delay of 200~
Mac Mini m1 16gb ram 1tb
empty project

(No delay on Logic Pro)

How did you even measure this value ? 0.3 ms is 300 µs, I don’t think any human being is able to perceive a delay that small. It’s like 15 samples at 48 kHz. :neutral_face:


Sorry fixed to 3ms~ :confused: I just bought the new Cubase and it’s a bit laggy on start/stop

But it’s still very small! Are you sure you don’t mean 30ms? This would correlate with ASIO Guard latency, but even it doesn’t add latency that way.

I agree there is a small delay when pressing Play, and it’s something like 200 ms, but nothing to worry about.

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i’m not sure on the time… it’s not happen immediately like in logic pro

Is that related to Mac or m1?

No it’s global, I’m on Windows.
It has always done this though, that’s just how Cubase works.

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You could check in the Transport sync preferences to see if there is anything in there checked doesn’t need to be , sometimes sync can cause a delay to start

Can you explain how to do that please?