Cubase 12 Pro still crashing on exit

I have a feeling that VST3 might be the problem, if there is no VST3 in the project then everything is OK.



Do you really mean VST3, or do you mean a plug-in? Have you tried with VST2 plug-ins, please?

Thank you

I’ve only installed VST3 plug-ins, I’ve thought about the VST2 test but I don’t have time for it now, I’ll write about the test results

no it guru, just want what i paid for to work, i want a refund reall this is crap, im a musician not a coding person, its just a pain in the ass cubase 12 pro really

It does not seem to be a vst3 error, the Thorn vst2 plugin also freezes.
That’s it for me, they may stay with Ableton.
Cubase 64bit 2022.5.20 (1.1 MB)

MediaBay just played a midi loop:

Same here, crash on exit.

Thats one of the reasons, why something like this needs to be implemented for Cubase as well. Would be glad if you could leave a vote there.

Solution to crashes by plugins - Sandboxing (Crash protection) - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Crashing here all the time with two different templates (one East-West Opus-based with no other third-party plugins, the other Spitfire BBCSO-based with again no third party plugins).

Cubase 64bit 2022.5.25 (843.2 KB)


This crash is in Groove Agent SE. Do you have the latest update installed, please?


These 2 plug-ins are unfortunately crashing a lot.

Right, but neither is crashing REAPER or Studio One 5.

You can try the VST3PluginTestHost from Steinberg. If it is not working there it is not a proper VST3, if it works there but not in cubase it is a steinberg problem.

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Thats something for developers, not for users. If Cubase lets us run a VST3 in the first place, it is a proper VST3. Otherwhise Steinberg should implement a check to not even allow these kind of plugins.
And as far as I know they do, cause plugins which don’t even run, get blacklisted.

Sure it is for developers. But it easy enough to check that the plugin is reasonable right. And many of the plugin vendors does not work with the tool. Waves for example fails and they dont even care.


Unfortunately this is not so simple. Cubase has 2 factors of VST plug-in verification. The “big one” is triggered when a new plug-in is loaded to Cubase for the 1st time. If this test doesn’t pass, the plug-in becomes blocklisted. Once the plug-in has passed this big test, there is only fast-check test during the next starts. Unfortunately if you update any plug-in, Cubase cannot recognise, this is an update (something has changed in the plug-in). So even in this case only the fast-check test has been triggered. But if the update breaks the plug-in (so it wouldn’t pass the big test), Cubase can’t find it out. The only way would be to trigger the big test manually from the Plug-in Information window.

And of course, as always, even the big test doesn’t test everything (this is just impossible). So it might happen, the plug-in is crashing even though the test passed.

There is a lot more needed that “don’t crash” for a plugin to classed as properly working. Bur sure it is good to screen off the real bad ones with some checks.

Try to close project without closing Cubase, then open new empty project, close it and then close Cubase. It will quit without crash. I did this many times, but anyway I don’t like this bug and while Cubase 12 Pro isn’t really Pro, I use Cubase 11 Pro which works perfectly on my setup.


And how do you do this? By clicking on File->Close project?
Because usually when clicking on the red X on the upper right, only the project should close, leaving Cubase running. But thats exactly what is buggy

Yes, this is understandable. But also it is not the users job, to fiddle around with developer tools, when a program crashes.

Using the test tools for VST3 is a good way to see if the plugin vendor is a idiot. If you then still continue to buy from that vendor you are in the same group.

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And how many times is this the case? Plugin vendors which sell obviously crashing plugins lose business anyway and get a bad reputation. Also if someone buys before trying and then continues doing that with those plugins, then he/she* is just stupid. In that case there is no such test tool needed.

But this is not what happens most of the times. 90%+ of the times these crashes are caused when doing a certain combination of things on the plugin GUI, or just sporadically (it seems). There are also cases, where certain plugins have issues only in combination with other plugins loaded in the project. This application is fine for general testing, but not really for real life use.
Also it is a dev tool, usually not meant for the normal user and also not easy accessible.

The big issues are not caused by plugins which clearly crash, these are easy to sort out, instead its those times where Cubase closes out of nowhere (like it is the case here), often without a crashdump.