Cubase 12 Pro top banner issue

Here’s the scenario, you save your file and afterwords you exit and the banner remains at the top it does not disappear to give you a 100% clear screen
This is getting so annoying yet the rest of the computer functions leaving the cubase 12 pro blue band on the top

Windoes 11 CB 12.0.52. 64 gigs Ram. 11th generation PC. Dell Tower

Alan Russell

In my experience the ‘Title bar’ needs to be closed as well ( for Cubase to exit) and I have to click and wait for a few seconds. But eventually, it closes.

Tried that but it still will not close.

Hi @Alan-Russell,

as @Fantom correctly says, if you want to close a project and Cubase, you should’ve already saved any open project and then just exit Cubase via the left hand menu entry under “File” → “Quit”, like this:

At first, any previously saved project closes (or you’ll get a prompt asking you to save it), and then after no more than 1 to 2 seconds the program itself - including its top menu bar - should terminate too. Any longer program “hangs” upon closing might normally be some sign of possible CPU / file system / audio driver related effects (or even something much more hidden from normal users).


That could indicate Cubase is ‘frozen’.
You could use the task manager to kill the process. The next launch of Cubase should prompt for trouble shooting and even a .dmp file

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Cubase 64bit 2022.3.16 (785.3 KB)

Hi @Alan-Russell,

we’re in a user-for-user forum.

And since I’m not a Steinberg support employee / support technician, you’d have to open an official support ticket and send your short incident description along with your Cubase dump file to someone who has the tools to open that dump file and help you further (can take some time). You can contact the support department via your Steinberg ID account.

Best wishes,

Sometimes Martin J. picks up my posts so let’s give it a little time


Ok. Hopefully @Martin.Jirsak sees your post.


You uploaded the wrong dump file ? Timestamp: Thu Feb 10 18:50:36 2022

According to the dump file you have Cubase File version: 12.0.0.

I would start with upgrading Cubase to the latest version 12.0.52

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Let me recheck that tomorrow morning


This DMP file comes from Cubase 12.0.0. Update to the latest Cubase 12.0.52, please.

Hi Martin thanks for getting back

I was very busy in the recording studio yesterday and after breakfast I will return to the studio to send you the correct DMP file for your feedback.

Alan Russell

ok this is the latest DMP file…

Cubase 64bit 2023.3.15 (580.8 KB)

You have quite al ot of warnings from your Focusrite driver , are they up todate ?

I have the new 3rd generation i18i8 of the focusrite audio interface and all of its drivers are updated. Please tell me what you were saying in the DMP file it would help me to move forward and I thank you in advance

Also is there an APP that will read the DMP I would like to take a look myself as a novice if possible

Alan Russell

“WindDbg Preview”
Check this thread:


I look forward in reviewing your tutorial thanks so much