Cubase 12 (Pro) Trial and Padshop 2 (Zero Gravity Soundset)

So today I was excited to see Cubase 12 trial available. I got my test license and was able to install Cubase 12 from the download website (the link on the trial ad site does not work at all). Anyways Cubase 12 starts up after activating the test license. Then I downloaded the instruments: Padshop. Retrologue, GA SE, Halion Sonic SE. After startup of Cubase 12 after the installations it shows me a message that Zero Gravity, Alto Glockenspiel, Guitar Harminics cannot be loaded due to missing license. This is quite interesting and irritating :wink: I did not even install the soundset, so I guess their are now part of the factory content of each VSTi. But why is it then needing a license? Anyone?