Cubase 12 Pro Trial & Groove Agent SE > No drag and drop of VSTSound?


I am trying out Cubase 12 Pro now and I wanted to drag & drop a sample sound from the sound content Noir (or any other) to Groove Agent SE. But it says that the file is not a valid format.
This is strange, since I thought within Cubase such things would work seamless…

Vstsound is a package that contains different data, not only audio files.

What did you try exactly?

I used the right zone and opened the MEDIA section and seleced Loops and Samples and just tried to drag a sound file to the opened GA SE (using a PAD as destination, which was then also highlighted). It should work from my understanding. If I drop the sample as a track and then drop the event into GA SE it works. So why is Steinberg using this road block?

I tried to drag a sample from media bay to GA SE, and it worked without any problem.

Ok, Mediabay is another animal. Will try it later. But I’d like to have the option to d&d also from the right pane.

The right pane media tab is just another view of the media bay.

This is weird. Today I started Cubase, created an empty project, added VSTi Groove Agent SE and dragged and dropped several samples from each VST Soundset and it worked flawlessly. Since I got an error message the one day, I really don’t understand. Hope it is not one of the on-off glitches of Cubase 12

I don’t think so, I suspect it’s a Windows thing… having a folder not available while doing something in the background… an update for example.