Cubase 12 Pro Upgrade and instruments

Just upgraded to Cubase 12 Pro. Never got an email about it being released. Just happened to see an article about it on Google. In any case, the download assistant showed most things as being installed. At least the majority showed the green bar. So I installed all the things that didn’t have the green bar. Then I opened Cubase 12 and a song I had previously written. It said that the Grand 3 could not be found. Then I noticed that all the HALion were not showing if I tried to add a new instrument. But they were all installed, so what happened to them. I know I did not delete or move them. Then I opened Cubase 11 and it complained about the Grand 3 being missing as well, So what happened? Does this have something to do Cubase 12 not needing the dongle any more?

Any does anybody know what the default location for the libraries was. It appears that it was going to C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content. It looked like Steinberg was putting everything into neat little folders like Content\HAlion and Content\Groove

I changed it to my D drive because I thought I had things going there. But now I believe it was going to the ProgramData folder, so how do I fix it so Steinberg will keep putting things in their neat little folders?

Thanks. But why do I have to re-install all the instruments…especially since the Download assistant shows them all as being installed (Green bar)>

Cubase 12 doesn’t need the dongle any more, but if you have content licenses on your USB eLicenser, you will still need it connected for those to work.

Here’s the relevant section from New Steinberg Licensing FAQ | Steinberg