Cubase 12 pro using Mackie Onyx16

Cubase is not recognizing the Mackie drivers for my ne Onyx 16 board/interface. I don’t understand. It is the default driver for my PC sound, and audio will come out of windows media player. Playback from Cubase is also successful with the generic ASIO driver. But I don’t get any input mapping etc.
I am not sure I want to use the generic driver.
I’ll attach a couple of pics from Cubase.
Thanks, Mike

Here is what I get when I open Cubase:

Indeed. You must use the manufacturer’s driver to use the features of the audio interface. The driver has to be an ASIO driver too.

Thanks Steve.
I am using the latest Mackie ASIO driver.
It is shown as the active driver in the
studio/studio setup/
I can get it to work but not initially, but what i have figured out is:
I have to go to the
studio/audio connections/output
settings, and manually choose the mackie driver for my stereo outputs.
Then audio comes thru the board just fine.

The input side is similar.
None of the input channels show a connection at first, but I can individually set each one as Mackie ASIO for the driver.

The settings don’t seem to be latching.
I have to do this for every project, every time I open one.
I never get audio if I don’t do these assignments each time.

Also, if I open up the computer and play a Windows media player file, it comes out the board just fine every time. The computer is using the Mackie as its default audio output.

Maybe clarify which driver you have loaded. Your screenshot shows the Mackie driver is not loaded.