Cubase 12 Pro VST2 Support on Intel-Based MacBook Pro

I read another thread concerning Cubase 12 Pro VST 2 support on ARM-based Macs. Does Cubase 12 Pro still support VST 2 plugins on older Intel-based Macs?

Cubase 12 supports VST 2.4 plugins on Intel Macs. I have one and it works great. As far as I know the support is only for new M1 Macs and and that will still work as all you have to do is run Cubase 12 under Rosetta.

Thank you for the reply, garymusic.

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One more question. How reliable is Cubase 12 Pro on your Mac? I’m running OS X Mojave (10.14) on a mid-2012 Retina MacBook Pro with 16GB RAM and a decent CPU. Just want to make sure I’m not laden with crashes; I typically wait for at least one minor revision update before moving to a new Cubase version.

Runs perfectly fine here, but Im running Monterey on an Intel model.

Cubase 12 runs great on both of my MacBooks. I have a 2019 MacBook Pro i9 16G ram and a new 2021 MacBook Pro M1 Pro also with 16G ram. The M1 Mac is faster and it runs cooler than the Intel mac. I mostly use the new machine now but the 2019 I’m keeping as backup. I am running macOS 12.4 on both. On the 2019 I skipped Big Sir but it ran great on Catalina too.

Hope this helps.