Cubase 12 Pro Wav files disappear directly after recording

Hope this is something I’ve caused in error but its never happened before. Immediately after recording audio the channel stays red like its still recording but I’ve already stopped recording. I have to click on anther track to get it to stop thinking its recording and then the wav file disappears. It goes to the audio pool but not in the live session. Any help would be much appreciated.

Can you provide more system details, please?
Is any plugin involved?

I recorded midi using a UAD Moog VST instrument and then recorded bass direct via direct box with no processing. The audio wav file disappears even without any plugins on the track.
The only thing that is different is I purchased the UAD Spark plugin subscription but no plugins are on the track Im recording audio to.

I just tried opening a new session and only recorded direct bass. No other tracks, no plugins. Same result.

Can you provide screenshots?

Never had this kind of issue and never heard of something similar.

It has corrected itself somehow. Must have just needed a computer restart.