Cubase 12 Pro (Win11), When exporting to mp3 the UR28M Fx Bus track is not processed

Hi there,

I’ve recently switched to Cubase 12 (I’m a Cubase user for years). I also use the UR 28M Interface, which creates a main output track as well as a Fx bus output track in your Cubase project.

Now, when I play my project in Cubase 12, everything is fine (said Fx bus output track is indeed played using the Rev-X processor of the UR 28M Interface). When I export said project to *.wav or *.mp3 (as I always did with Cubase 9), Cubase 12 now generates two files, one for each of said two output tracks (main and Fx bus). That’s still ok, although it would have been nice to still have the option for a merged single output file.
My problem is actually about the Fx bus output track which is apparently generated without being processed by the Rev-X of the UR 28M Interface… It sounds like a 100% dry version, which is totally senseless!

I have tried to play around with the export options, read some paragraphs of the manual, but I cannot find a solution for getting a proper processor processed Fx bus output track file.

So is this a bug or a new feature which I do not know how to use?

Thanks in advance for your comments.

Hi @Alban_DUCHER

I have the UR44 and UR44C. In both cases the FX bus is only useful for direct monitoring and the effect is not rendered. It makes sense as the reverb is done in hardware and never enters Cubase.

You can still use the vst version of the reverb as plugin.

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Thanks for your time Misohoza,

I get your point. However, please note that this FX bus track used to be rendered as well in Cubase 7 and 9. I am therefore surprised to find out that such a nice feature is actually removed from Cubase 12.
The Export function of Cubase 7 and 9 could indeed generate a single output file, including all FX (hardware or not) merged together. That was very practical for amateurs like me.

Cubase 12 also includes a real time export option. Did you ever try it?
I thought this one was done for the purpose of recording all FX (wherever they are rendered from), but it did not fix my problem. Do you know what it is actually for?

This is new to me. I know I have tried the templates that come with UR interface and never managed to render the DSP reverb. So I only use it for direct monitoring. But I often create a FX track in Cubase and use the vst version of the reverb.

I think it is possible to record the dsp reverb if you turn on loopback. Don’t know if it would also work when exporting audio mixdown.

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Hi Misohoza,

It actually turns out that you are totally right. The FX bus track is actually not rendered at all in Cubase. And that was also the case in Cubase 7/9. Sorry, I got it all wrong.

I got confused because of the automatic edition (after exporting) in Wavelab, which also uses the same Fx bus settings for rendering…

Thanks for for your time,