Cubase 12 Pro with a Mac output to two devices

Hello all, I’m new to Cubase, having made the move from Pro Logic X. I’m trying to set up Cubase on my Mac, having an audio interface (Studio 24c) for my input and wanting to use the Mac headphones, connected to my studio monitors, for output.
However, I cannot find a way to deferentiate input and output. Excuse my ignorance :slight_smile: but could someone please help me out here? Many thanks in advance…

I think they call it aggregate on the Mac where you can use more than one interface.

Many thanks for the tip, it’s now working, much appreciated.

Hi mkok,
How did you do it? I have the same issue here. I want to use my headphones because I live in a condo and can’t use monitors. I can see the audio going in Cubase but can’t listen to it with my headphones. They are Sennheizer HD600 but I don’t think it makes any difference what headphone you’re using. Thanks.


Hi Ben, on my Mac I set up the my inputs under the menu option Studio, Audio Connections. I have a single stereo output under the Output tab.

It was a bit clunky to set up but once I’d done it I’ve had no problems since then.

Hope this helps.



Let me inform you, Aggregate Device is not supported. You can get some sync issues, because the devices are not really in sync. Sorry.