Cubase 12 Pro Won't Load in New Device

Hi there,
I have Cubase 12 Pro on my PC system. But since I have an issue with damaged PC, I need to migrate my system to my laptop, which I already did in progress. My question is why I can’t open the cubase and always appear in the safe mode which says “the app was terminated unexpectedly”.

I already activate the license on my laptop and deactive the one on PC, so it shouldn’t be the case. But I haven’t installed all the recommended VST and content on download assitant. Is it the reason why this errors occur? Do I have to install all the recommended content and VST first to make cubase run and scanned properly?

Always appear like this!

Can anyone advise me about this issue. Thank you very much

And stuck to this vstconnect.dll scan section, nothing happened after and not responding.

still install some of them, does it mandatory to install all recommended vst and content to have the cubase run?

this also appear

Tried everything, installed all recommended content still stuck. Uninstalled and installed again, still nothing. Why this is so hard! Getting frustrated just to make it run, should be simple, but not at all