Cubase 12 Projects in Nuendo 11

Just wondering if anyone from Steinberg can confirm if Nuendo 11 will be able to open Cubase 12 projects.

Yes it will, however, there might be incompatibilities because of new feature in Cubase 12 or Nuendo 12 that weren’t in generation 11.

Thanks @TimoWildenhain ! I usually start a project in Cubase and then move to Nuendo to finish, so being able to just open a Cubase project in Nuendo is part of my workflow. I updated to Cubase 12 today, but will continue to do production work in Cubase 11 until Nuendo 12 is out. Looking forward to Nuendo 12!!!

Also, do you know if Yamaha will be releasing any new updates for Nuage or will the current firmware/drivers continue to work with Nuendo 12? Just curious, as I see no updates on the Yamaha Nuage compatibility list. If you don’t know I can reach out to Marcel at Yamaha and find out.

Great job on Cubase 12!!! I am loving the MIDI remote feature. I blew the dust off of my Novation ZeroSL MkII and mapped it and am falling in love with it all over again!! Cheers!

@bigcat75 why do why do you move from Cubase to Nuendo in your work flow? I’m looking at jumping / cross-grading to Nuendo 12. I have a lot of old Cubase projects that I may want to open in Nuendo as well.


Hello @A-Chris-10! The reason why I initially had the Cubase/Nuendo workflow was because I had a Cubase license and a Nuendo license. I kept my Nuendo dongle permanently plugged into the post production PC and the Cubase dongle permanently plugged into the composition PC. Now that I can load Nuendo on both PC’s without swapping dongles I will probably use Nuendo exclusively.

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Makes Sense to me. Thanks for the insight.