Cubase 12 randomly shows a lot of lanes in midi editor

Hello! Could somebody please help me? I’ve encountered a weird bug while working in midi editor in Cubase 12. I usually have one or to lanes open when I work with midi (usually velocity or/and main volume), and when I open several different tracks with different instruments it usually shows just one or two lanes. Today I was working with drums and Cubase suddendly crashed and after reopening the profect and opening drums again I saw this:

And all other midi - instruments also opened with a lot of extra velocity\main volume lanes. I was forced to restart my computer and after it it worked fine - for a while. After some manipulations in the project the bug reapeared again, and I since then haven’t been able to figure out what caused it. What am I doing wrong? Is it a bug or something? I’ve never seen this before, please help!
Thanks in advance.


What happens, if you call the Volume preset, please?

If it doesn’t work, could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable Preferences], please?

Sorry, please, tell me, what should I do to call the Volume preset? I don’t know…((( I’ve noticed so far that this issue happens only in this project. It opens fine with no extra lanes but after just playing it for sometime the bug reappears…
If I press on one of the lanes I see just the normal list of lanes that can be created:

I’ve tried Safe Mode with disabling preferences and it worked fine, but when I restarted with my preferences the bug was there… What have I done to my preferences that might have caused this bug?

Thank you for your help!

So, at some point I just resorted to manually removing all the extra lanes, leaving only those that I usually use. Since than everything has been working without any issues. I hope the bug won’t reapear, because it had made the project quite unworkable for a while. Although I would like very much to know what had caused this problem so that to avoid this situation in the future. Any ideas?