Cubase 12 recognizes MIDI from Arturia Keylab, but Midi Remote Can't


I’m trying to setup my Arturia KeyLab49 Mk2 midi-keyboard in Cubase 12 Midi Remote.

So, when I set the keyboard in “User” mode and turn any random knob, lets say CC74, Midi Remote doesn’t react to it at all. However, I can see in Cubase’s midi meter in the corner that midi message from the keyboard is being received.


As far as I know, KeyLab is using 2 different MIDI Ports. Make sure, the knob sends the MIDI data via the MIDI Port, you set in the MIDI Remote in Cubase.

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Oh, Ok.
The answer is:
Whenever you set Arturia KeyLab into User mode, the midi start coming from “KeyLab mkII” input instead of “MIDIIN2 (KeyLab mkII)”.

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Hi Andrey
How did you fix it ?
I manage tongrt suite everything worki’g using thé mackie hui trick (except the main volume slider and knob) but non success with midi remote.