Cubase 12 Remote controller issue/question

I have a faderbox that I used to send out normal midi controller messages, recorded the into midi track, as well as automation commands (not recorded in the midi track). With the new remote controller surface that does not seem to be possible anymore. In the studio setup the remote controller is set to be visible and active as a normal midi input, but as soon as a enable the remote script no messages are recorded anymore in the midi channel and I can only use it as “Cubase command surface”. What am I doing wrong?

Well, it turns out that whenever you have controls that should just “pass through” their midi information to the midi track, they should not be added to the remote controller surface editor at all.

There were some prior forums discussions about this as well.

And if in the future, you’re ever looking for having multiple MIDI Remote pages where the same fader or knob sometimes sends Cubase messages and other times it sends raw MIDI CC messages, there’s another work-around:

p.s. It has been requested in some other threads (and I also hope) that passing MIDI CC will eventually become a regular feature of the new MIDI Remote.

Hey, thanks for your reply Nico, I will try out the quick control solution as well

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