Cubase 12 rendering or routing midi to audio

Just upgraded to Cubase 12 from 7 - I had hoped I would be able to use ‘render to audio’ to convert my Korg Kronos’ midi tracks to audio, but that doesn’t seem to be possible. Is there a way of routing the Kronos midi track so it records on audio? Any help really appreciated.

The Korg Kronos is hardware I believe? In which case jus record the audio outputs.
The MIDI doesn’t contain any audio information.

Apologies if I misuderstood.

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You can configure your instrument as an External Instrument in Cubase, which can then be used like a VST instrument. If you do that, you’ll be able to render the MIDI parts, but only in real time.

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Thanks - that was my last resort - my setup is pretty minimal so I don’t have the flexibility with outputs on hardware. I was in a studio a few years ago where the engineer did it… but he’s moved on.

Thanks for replying - I’ve been trying to do that for the last 48 hours - nothing! Maybe I’m missing something.

Have you checked the manual ?

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The only way it can be done is by recording the audio from the hardware.
A MIDI track does not contain any audio information which is why it can’t be just rendered to audio.
Setting it up as an external instrument still means the audio is coming from the Kronos so its outputs have to be connected to your audio interface inputs if you wish to render it.

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I tried this but when the Korg uses the audio input Cubase disconnects my audio interface. (But I couldn’t get the Korg to respond even when I did this.

I thought VST instruments could be rendered to audio, or at least, could be recorded as an audio track. I know midi doesn’t contain any audio…what I want to be able to do is use Cubase as a sequencer to trigger my Kronos and then record its midi output as an audio track - I hoped there would be a way of routing the midi output into audio. I haven’t tried recording directly into the audio interface using the Kronos, but if I have to try that, I will. Thanks.

VST instruments CAN be rendered and it’s a not uncommon trap you’ve fallen into.
VST instrument tracks aren’t just MIDI (though they appear much the same in Cubase). They contain a soft synth as well as the MIDI track, thus this soft synth can be rendered to audio according to the instructions from the MIDI track.

I think (not sure) that the problem you were having when trying to route audio from the Kronos using the MIDI when it disconnected your audio interface is that you were in effect using the Kronos as an audio interface and thus your other one was disconnected. It may be possible using this route to get the audio rendered into Cubase but I can’t be sure.
It will be possible to do so using the audio outputs from the Kronos into your other interface…I appreciate you’d rather not do this due to the number of inputs you have (one almost never has enough).
If this is just confusing you further please ignore! Otherwise good luck!

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That’s not confusing at all, and describes exactly what is happening. Thanks for your advice, it may not be so tricky to go down that route and save me a great deal of wasted time.

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