Cubase 12 right click menu question

This will be simple for someone. I am trying to set-up the right click editing as I had in Cubase 9 before upgrading. I liked the option to move midi to cursor etc easily and access process audio when editing events.
Can someone help explain how to do this?

Here is a pic from C9 to show what I mean

You’ll have to deactivate the option “Show Toolbox on Right Click”

Or you can Ctrl + Right Click.

Thanks for your reply ggmanestraki, I had deactivated that option but I am still not getting the full range of options as seen in my previous message.

I would like more than just this toolbox.

Well, ok, there’s no way to get that exact menu back. There’s been some pruning in version 10(?) I think, and ever since the right click menu (with the modifier click) has become contextual, which means it will display stuff relevant to the selection.

Whether every function of <10 (like in your screenshot) has made it back to the menu or not, this I do not know.

Thanks again ggmanestraki.

I figure there must be some way to “move to cursor” or it a huge oversight by Steinberg. To physically move a group of midi notes etc to align them up should be an easy thing to do. Plus the audio processing options at one right click away is also helpful.

Move to Cursor is a default Key Command, Ctrl + L.

The menu option is also still accessible by Shift + Right Clicking the notes (not the Key Editor background):

Thanks Romantique_TP (again) . That does work. I do prefer the older way of doing it whereby once I had selected the midi notes by holding down the left button, I could then action them with the right.
Steinberg Cubase has improved slightly in recent times, but we are often required to find small areas to click on (midi notes, sliders, virtual knobs etc) yet there is more unused space on the plug-ins etc that has been kept blank -perhaps for aesthetic reasons rather practical ease of use. I encourage Steinberg to keep making gains in this area.