Cubase 12 running M1 native .. I don't see any of my (vst3) UAD Plugins

Hi All , anyone know why I am not seeing any of my UAD Plugs when I run Cubase 12 Native M1 ?


UAD plug-ins don’t support VST3 yet. Therefore they don’t run at M1 naively.

Please support the request (to make the VST3 version of their plug-ins) on UAD.


I will I just bought £800 of them and a 2nd IO !!

Some of the UAD plugins are ported to the so-called UADx, which runs on cpu. Those are VST3 which runs on m1 native cubase. If you own such UAD plugin, you get UADx version.

Today’s cpu runs a lot faster than the sharc dsps on uad interfaces. E.g. a sharc dsp runs several 1176AEs whereas a stock m1 can run like 150 of the same plugin at much lower latency. There’s no more point to run them on dsps.
The problem is there are only a dozen plugins ported to the uadx. I miss lots of them.

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I basically use my UAD DSP to host the Reverbs which were on sends , not inserts . just help with CPU load . I would like option back , and I did spend 6k on hardware for the privilege !