Cubase 12 sale: Activate vouchers only to run in Cubase 11?

Is it possible to buy Cubase 12 now and not activate it yet but in the meantime activate only the vouchers so that I can use them in Cubase 11 and update my Cubase 11 later?

You have to activate Cubase 12 now. The vouchers are only for users with a Cubase 12 license registered to their MySteinberg account.

Ok! Thankyou for your reply!

Once the vouchers have been used and the correspondent products installed, are those products expected to run only inside C12 or can they be used also inside C11?

Moreover, are those “partner products” expected to run and work exactly the same way they would if separately purchased (and paid for) or do they have any limitations?

Yes, and they can be used with Cubase 11.