Cubase 12 - Sample accurate volume automation

Thank you Steinberg - finally! After many years of living with that…
Because I went to Nuendo I didn’t check it out if it really works fine, but I believe it works now perfect.
I presented this issue 5 yrs ago when Cubase 9 pro came out.

Yes, this is a thing they seem to have fixed in 12!
(I think it’s actually accurate to within 8 samples – at least, I saw in some dialog a setting for the resolution, and it defaults to 8, and I think that’s what that means!)

Does anybody know, if decreasing the sample accuracy to e.g. 1 sample has an impact on the performance? I’ve tried to test this, but the results are unclear to me. It seems to depend on the parameter you are automating ( e.g. volume fader or VST parameter) but I’m really not sure about this…

I would assume that decreasing the sample accuracy would affect the performance, because the operation has to be performed more often. For volume automation that might be negligible, for other, more complex computations maybe not.
Regarding automating plugins: it very much depends on the plugin whether it supports the sample accurate automation of the VST3 specification. My totally uneducated guess is that most third party plugins don’t.