Cubase 12 scam doing the rounds on Social Media. Just to let admin know, if they haven't seen it

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They are also selling at a significant discount apparently

They have a contact number which is Whatsapp. I really hope people don’t fall for it. I know most won’t but someone probably will.

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Thank you!

No shame, I might have, and I need to buy a second license so it looked tempting, but TGTBT, usually is.

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I have the feeling that is not really a scam and is a “leaked” information!

If it’s a scam, it’s the site that displays the ad you should alert. Not Steinberg.

What makes you think that this is a scam? It was posted by a Facebook site with 30k likes, and the homepage looks legit to me as well.

FB should block it for misinformation and use their fact checker LOL

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I am sure Steinberg don’t wan’t their customers to be ripped off. Why do I think it is a scam? Bad spelling and grammar. They are using a WhatsApp number as a contact. I’ve never heard of the company. Both Cubase community pages I belong to have taken it down. I have a feeling 12 will come out tomorrow, but I have a feeling this is a scam. “Special discount on pre-order before 2 March 2002”

I’m going to totally blow your minds with this thing called “Google Search”…

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Happy to be proven wrong, but the ad looked sketchy as hell. Especially the order by WhatsApp thing.

You’d be surprised how widely whatsapp is used in some countries as it’s considered secure and cheap for people. Plus there’s a lot business solutions to integrate it into your sales and helpdesk staff.

They look pretty legit to me, store looks nice actually:-

Ragtime - Store images

Kia are making VST plugins now, and they’re next door. Bonus! :slight_smile:

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