Cubase 12 Selection tool bug

Cubase 12 selection tool is buggy not selecting multiple events.

Not happening here, works normally.

Same here, works ok.

Did you guys have a clean install of Cubase 12 or upgraded form 11? @steve @almaelectronix

Upgraded from 7.5 to 11 last year and upgraded to 12 when it got out, and went through all upgrades landing on 12.0.40.

Works here as well, since Cubase 7.
I also upgraded every version back then without having to trash the prefs.
But there are several users who have to do that, otherwhise there seem to be strange issues/bugs.
You did that already because of the project colors, right? So its still the same behaviour?

Are you sure you guys trying to reproduce this the same way? @Tj99 @almaelectronix


Started a new project same issue just instrument and audio clip. @steve

I found it. It is a locator position bug @steve @almaelectronix @Tj99 can you guys reproduce this?

Sorry, I tried to reproduce it like you showed it, but for me it works.
This looks to me like it would be some issue with “Auto Select Events under Cursor”, which can be found in the editing submenu of the preferences:

Is this option set in your preferences? If yes, try to disable it and look what happens.

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Looks like it worked!

Ok, now I know what it is.
It happens indeed when “Auto Select Events under Cursor” and “Track selection follows event selection” both are set and when you select the events of a track, which is not yet selected.

I don’t have “Auto Select Events under Cursor” activated by default as I can’t imagine a situation where I want the cursor to select an event under it, and if you don’t need it as well, I’d suggest to disable it like me did.

But this looks like a bug to me and should be reported!
There must be going something wrong, if both settings are used together.

Nope, it’s not a bug, but I agree this indeed looks weird, because of the way the two options interact.

“Auto Select Events under Cursor” only applies to selected Tracks.
It means that if a Track isn’t selected, the Events under the Cursor won’t be selected.

Note that you need to refresh the Cursor position for the Events to track it, either by moving it or hitting Play.

Click for GIF

auto select events under cursor

When “Track Selection Follows Event Selection” is enabled, selecting an Event will also select its corresponding Track.

Click for GIF

track selection follows event selection

But if the Cursor go beyond the Events, the corresponding Tracks get deselected and cannot be selected anymore because of the first point (except for the one Track that remains selected).

Click for GIF

track selection follows event selection 2

However, There is a another parameter to take into account.

When we use multi-select commands, such as the Selection Tool standard Click+Drag, Shift+Drag, Ctrl/Shift+Click, or Ctrl+A (select all), it also refreshes the Cursor position, but only when there’s at least one deselected Track caught into the selection.
In other words, it will only refresh if a Track gets selected in the process.

That’s why it is very important to understand how the different selection commands work.

The standard Selection tool (only Drag) doesn’t work the same as Shift+Drag.
When you first engage the Click before drawing the selection box, it deselects all the Events, simply because you click on an empty space.

Click for GIF

selection tool draw box

But, when “Track Selection Follows Event Selection” is enabled, it is normal that every time you draw a box that way, the Tracks will also become deselected then selected again.
Notice when the Tracks get deselected, only one remains selected, and it’s only the uppermost one in the selection

Click for GIF

selection tool draw box + track follows event

So, @Voxango videos are indeed showing the correct behavior.
When a different Track is selected by selecting its Events, it refreshes the Cursor so that only the Event which is under it gets selected, then when selecting the Events once again on that same Track, they will all get selected since the Track is already selected and the Cursor will not refresh.

Click for GIF

final demonstration

If I hold Shift to keep the Events selected when doing the initial click – and so the Tracks – I’m able to select all the Events.
We can do the same by pressing Ctrl+A.

Click 4 GIF

final demonstration + hold shift


“Auto Select Events under Cursor” only applies to selected Tracks .

Is there any setting to counteract this?

Same applies for ‘select events under cursor’. As the name implies, it should select events under the cursor, not just for those tracks selected.

As a workaround, is there a command that selects all tracks with data?