Cubase 12 Shortcut Keyboard Stickers

Where in USA can I buy Cubase Shortcut Keyboard Stickers ?
I bought one set on Amazon but many of the stickers are wrong, because many of shortcuts are for cubase version 7 or so, outdated stickers.

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No one ?

I think these kinds of stickers are not all that popular anymore. It doesn’t take long before they start moving around leaving a trail of goo and eventually fall off. No market really.

You just have to dig down and learn them or delete them all and add them as you need them, Keep the ones you use, delete what you don’t. For recording myself, I’ve changed the keypads ones so I can can navigate easily with a keypad. I do agree, that too many of them just get in the way. You can also get a program like Keyboard Maestro to change or make up menus.

A discussion about different tools to visually manage shortcuts can be found here:

Some examples: