Cubase 12 Silenced

My mind is blown at this point. I never had sound problems and didn’t change a thing in settings or whatever. This morning, I was mastering a track while everything was good. I shut off the pc for a little break, came back a few hours later. Open the program, open a project…and no sound. I open the previous project, no sound. Whatever I try, no sound. Did Cubase 12 suddenly become mute?

  • there is the fact that every time I close a project, Cubase just shuts down as in a crash. It makes me not want to buy Cubase 13 but I rather buy another program. I addressed this issue earlier I believe but no respons or a working solution. After sending 100s of crash reports it’s still not solved.

Anyway, the mute is a drup too much tho. Nothing has changed in settings, everything was like before but Cubase is silent. This is unacceptable for me.


What Audio Device do you use? Is the correct ASIO driver selected? What does the Outputs and Control Room look like in the Audio Connections window?

I’m using ASIO indeed. I have a Allen & Heath mixer and never mess with the settings in Cubase. Everything else worked perfectly tho. Youtube, Netflix or whatever useses sound was working. However, it miraculously resolved sound wise. I stopped music for a day, I start up the PC and it works again. Only to witness the 8934258943534th crash after closing the project (don’t worry, the number is not correct. It’s just a representation of my frustration of the too many crashes Cubase has on my device).