Cubase 12 sometimes loads up without 3rd party plugins

cubase 1 2 sometimes seems to load up ok with no 3rd party plugings…other times it freezes at video at loading up. I checked my task manager and it looks like it haveing trouble connecting to the license. Even though mine has been authorised ok as far as i can tell.
The 3rd party plugs doesnt work even when you start…disbale plugins, then scan later…just crashes.
everthing fine on cubase 11 pro

I hope you don’t mind, I moved your post as I think it deserves a topic of its own. It might be something more than just licensing related.

Do you have some examples of the plugins that are not loading? Do you still have the eLicenser attached containing the licenses for those plugins?

no problem Ben, lets hope these lauching bugs get sorted soon.

hopefully just a teething problem…i hope Steinberg sort this out quickly.

quick question…so with the license now being online…how do i see it if there is a issue…and how many computers can you install on with one license.
And the big question, say i change my motherboard in the future (im guessing the license is attached to the motherboard) how can i de-activate and reactivate the license…moving it to a new motherboard.

I had the same thing at first but I found that if I waited it out it came good in the end. And once you’ve been through it, the next time you load Cubase Pro 12 it takes no time at all to load.

Seeing the same problem here, sits on scanning vst3 plugins forever, Checking Licenses shows as not responding in task manager.

You can check your activations here:

If you’d like to transfer your license to another computer or are performing a major hardware upgrade, then you can simply deactivate the license in Steinberg Activation Manager and reactivate once you’re up and running again.

Hi Ben I clicked on the link and saw the license, however there is no button to deactivate or reactivate.

On another point is Steinberg looking to do a quick update to sort the current issues.

You activate/deactivate the software using Steinberg Activation Manager on the computer where you are using the software. The web page just shows you an overview of the activations in your account.

I can’t really comment on the plans for a Cubase update, as I’m here in my capacity as part of the licensing team. From past experience, I think you can be reasonably sure there will be one soon!

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Hi, seems that Cubase 12 won’t reconize some 3th party plugins authorisations, like

  • Rop Papens VST’s (they open and needs to fill serials once again)
  • Addictive Drums opens, but all authorized drum kits and beats seems to be inactivate
    -Kick - Nicky Romero shows demo has expired and crashes cubase 12…
    In cubase 11 all of these are working normal…