Cubase 12 strange behaviour of snap

I am not sure if this is a bug or intended behavior and I am missing something. I have an audio clip, it was just bounced after editing, starts and ends exactly where measures start or end. There are no tempo changes in the song. So I copy that clip on the other position in the arrangement. Instead of snapping exactly at the beginning of the measure, it snaps on some kind of a random position behind or in front of the beginning of the measure. There is also another guitar track I treated in the exactly same way, bounced after editing, copied and it seamlessly snaps where it should. Both clips were copied together but only one acts out in a strange way.

If I try to move clip so that it visually starts at the beginning of the measure, indicators on the upper left, and above the clip ,show two different values. (see attached image). One on the upper left confirms what is visually correct, that it is value of but cursor shows, and if I turn snap on it will move according to that (supposedly wrong) value, and on the upper left, it will be shown that clip is not right on the grid. Original copy of the clip moves completely OK and snaps where it should, so the behaviour affects only the copy of original clip.

In short, something strange seems to happen with snapping randomly. It is not the first time it has happened to me, but I didn’t make a screenshot. Technically, turning snapping off and manually moving clip solves the problem but I just wanted to share and ask if anyone else has noticed something similar?

EDIT: Ok, it crossed my mind that I should check where the actual snapping point is in the clip. It seems the problem is that after I bounce ten or more different short clips into one audio clip that starts exactly at the beginning of the bar, Cubase will for some reason, make snapping point that is seemingly at the random position, not at the beginning of the clip. Anyone has an idea why is this happening, what logic Cubase uses when creating snapping point in a new clip that was just created?

Check to see if the Audio Content is in the correct location, even if the Start and/or Snap Points of the Audio Event are not where you expect them.

Cubase Audio Tracks buffer the incoming Audio Signal and “pre-record” a bit ahead of actual start point. You can see this if you take newly recorded Audio on a Track, Select the Audio and observe the values for Start & Offset on the Info Line. Now with Snap off drag the lower left corner of the Audio Part to the left. This will expose Audio from before the start of the recording. If you look at the Info Line while doing this you’ll see that both the Start & Offset values adjust to keep the actual Audio in the same location.

This is useful for situations like the recording start misses a bit of attack on a punch-in.

Thanks for the reply.

Judged visually, audio content is in the right place in the clip, but clip snaps in the wrong place. It is hard to judge by ear as it is a really small difference and I could easily placebo myself into thinking something is OK/not OK. It is not terrible problem, only a mild annoyance. As I have said it seems that problem (if it is a bug and not a strange feature), when files are bounced and new file is created, Cubase creates snap point in the file that is not at the beginning of the file. not sure why.
It is also not based on pre/recording, as file was just created by bouncing a number of edited clips. I understand how it works when file is recorded, the problem is why would Cubase choose seemingly random point after the start of the file as a snap point? For instance, I have left and right guitars, very similar. Did the editing, for one, bounced, snap point is at the beginning of the clip. Did another, bounced, snap point is in a random place after the start of the file. So it doesn’t seem to happen every time.