Cubase 12 the shock of the new: rants and complaints

well they did it again. i have followed and bought every update to cubase buying in at artist 6 . i’m now a proud owner of cubase 12 pro. i’ve spent a LOT of money with them over the years. what a great idea poorly implemented. “the remote mapping to preset products like launchpad/many keyboard and controller forms.” - it looks a really smooth process to set up in the promo video. in reality it’s horrendous. i have an akai mpk mini keys and an artauia beatport, the former supported the later not. so i have now spent a couple of days trying to get either or both to work successfully. NOT A SNOWBALLS CHANCE IN HELL so as one does you refer to all the manuals and extra pdfs etc and basically unless you fancy taking a diploma in java script to get the ‘best out of it’ it’s far far easier to just stick to the standard methods of using automation lanes with or without a combination of ‘quick controls’ or use whatever any synths’ own learn method is. we also see/note that again there seems to be a ‘catch up’ going on with Reaper and it’s ‘actions list’. ah well it’s another 85 quid in their pocket so maybe it can only get better.

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I used the remote integration with an Alesis VI61 and it found it to be a lifesaver tbh. There’s 48 assignable buttons and it worked like a charm and it’s much easier to remember what they all do now because I can look at the map in the lower zone

oh i’m sure it works wonders for some. you only have to watch the promo video to see how a perfect cubase top to bottom system does it with ease. however until i can get something that doesn’t have a MIDI latency [never mind any audio latency] less than nearly half a second i’ll continue to use a mouse or [although i haven’t done it in a while/several years] use a graphics tablet and pen and just record the automation live. do it once, the software has it - edit to your hearts content. and yip mine is an i9-10900 on a z590 m/board 32gb ram, all super fast ssds whith 8gb of gfx card and a focusrite scarlett version 3 - the best it can get is audio at 48k/32 fp bits with samples at 192 i get about 5 milliseconds round trip but can only use 1 [yes ONE] plug in at a time. with a device max of 1024 samples i can just about run a dozen synths/fx/guitar amp sim etc but the latency jumps to 80 milliseconds round trip. both totally unsuitable for anything approching a live performance. [investment in all this stuff since atari days in the mid 1980s? about 30~40 THOUSAND QUID] and millions of man hours.

update the akai ONLY WORKS IF IT’S A MARK3 so that’s another 80 quid to spend ‘if’ i want it to work. the beatstep doesn’t have a ready made script/template, so that’s a load of hours work - and given that, of course i tried to make one, the logic of the script editor drives you crazy until you realise that the red marked symbol is ONLY THE POSITION CURSOR and not the actual position of the button/pot/fader you are ‘about’ to hit. AND when formed the elements are almost impossible to re-arrange if for example you have two rows of buttons and start forming the script/template bottom row, right to left and then want to re-arrange them to read on screen as left to right - DRIVES YOU CRAZY!

just one the power of the machine again regarding latency… see how this guy copes with LOADS of plugins running. what the heck computer are YOU using mate? something the size of Texas?
[Joe Carrell - Mixing With Subgroups Part 1: Saturation & Compression | Plugin Alliance - YouTube]
not a cpu overload in sight - “oh look it’s pro tools on a mac, suprise, suprise, lend me a million quid”

Having been I product Manager in the Early Touchscreen development days it never ceased to amaze me how Germany Engineers could write an instruction manual to get a beer out of the fridge that was 200 pages long and required a Phd…IM in the same boat I need my midi controller . Im spending 23.5 hours sitting this stuff up and about 30 minutes making music, Ill give it a try and post if I can make it work

oh it gets better michael. i also have a korg micro controller, cheap as anything, i plugged that in and the software [cubase 12] lept straight to the right set up. so, when it works [that is , steinberg have provided a template for your specific device - and they clearly want you to support their ‘preferred’ devices’ {see the tutorial/promo films}] it’s fine. i would still maintain that to use a graphics tablet with a freely movable pen and/or a mouse [especially one with a good, well made, working scroll wheel - i.e. pay more that £30 quid for a MOUSE!] and LEARN THE KEYBOARD SHORT CUTS THAT ARE STANDARD IN ALL CUBASE EDITIONS is just as efficient as any “gets in the way, takes up physical desk space, get dusty and ends up getting used to rest a note pad and REAL pen/pencil on, falls on the floor and drags a pot of tea with it as the cables sprawl everywhere.” controller. on stand keyboards are obviously a different issue, mostly physical space.

the thing is it all gets really silly and as you say you spend more time working through set ups for this, set ups for that than you do making music. use controller lanes! every track has them.

realistically steinberg have only up dated their ‘track panel’ functions. i recall spending many a time looking up sysex messages to get that right too.

what bugs me michael is that old chestnut ‘backward compatibility’, manufacturers - like korg or akai, should provide firmware updates to older devices so that at least ‘most’ of the functionality remains and will “crucial” match any new software instructions such that when a situation like this cubase development occurs it DOESN’T MAKE PREVIOUS HARDWARE REDUNDANT SO THAT YOU HAVE GO OUT AND BUY THE SAME DEVICE AGAIN - JUST TO IMPLIMENT UPDATED FUNCTIONALITY. a lesson somesone should teach intel, apple, microsoft etc…

I don’t really get your problem?

First, Cubase 12 is just out, so don’t expect them to cover all the devices that are out there. In time people will create custom scripts that will cover what you need.

Second, the remote API is so much more than you can see at first glance. Yes, you need to be able to code a little, but if offers so many possibilities. It’s not just about turning a knob and modifying some property in Cubase. It’s about having a two-way connection. As far as I understand the API is going to be extended over the next few releases. What I imagine would then be possible:

Have a flexible touch UI for say the iPad that “knows” Cubase’s current state.

  1. So when I’m on a chord track it tells me so and also which scale I’m currently in. It could then show the chord pads for this scale on the UI and touching one of them will automatically insert the chord.
  2. In general know which kind of track you’re currently on (audio, midi etc) and show approriate short cuts that you usually use.
  3. When selecting a midi track get the current expression map and show buttons for selecting any of the articulations. Better yet, have the option to show the NAME of the articulation.

Of course this all depends on your device, if it has a display and if you can send some messages to it to display specific data. But it DOESN’T HAVE TO BE a real midi keyboard or a controller. It could be a virtual device that then sends data via websockets. So you could be inside your vocal booth or whatever and instead of having your device with you to start recording you can simply go to a website (on your phone) and press a record button. Or have another button that just undoes the last record because you’re not happy with it and just want to try again.

So calm down, drink a cup of tea and wait for the things to come.

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I have an arturia beatstep. It is true, there is no script but the configuration in cubase is really simple. What is not working?

found mine to be a complete waste of money. this was it’s last chance to redeem itself. it failed

oh i’ve ridden this horse many times mrk1x86. i still keep coming back to the same old question “why do i keep shelling out money to cubase to keep adding features i don’t need? i.e anticipating needs i don’t have” rather than fixing real problems like cpu/gpu efficiency. i’m a musician i don’t need to spend half an hour using things like ‘track version’ or ‘chord tracks’ or ‘expression maps’ [wow have you ever found one of those that you could actually use and say yip that sounds ok?] unless you buy something like the chris hine[?] orchestra they are a complete waste of time - i can have the same done because i know what a ‘minim’ is half the time just in the piano role editor. and i know exactly what you are about to say - so go on…

It’a not just you as there are quite a bunch of us out there not happy with what is going on.
There seems to be problems in all departments and how long will we have to wait for our money spent on something that is not up to standard
Research and fully test before selling that is my view on this.

Of course you do, so let me just say it.
Stop spending money on Cubase and get a real DAW then.
I get your point. I’m also not in need for another maximizer, another sound pack, but then maybe Cubase isn’t for you anymore.
Anyways, no point in ranting. I for one think that midi remote api is a big feature that will massively improve my workflow

that wasn’t quite i thought you would go, and you are right [that’s why i find myself using reaper more and more] what cubase always did was the piano role editor which is WAY better than reaper, but i do think i’m just buying the ‘so called’ updates/upgrades out of sentiment now without any ‘real’ new benefit. i thought you would quote the oft’ used argument that “what about all those people who haven’t spend 10000 hours learning how to be a musician but just want to make music quickly with presets and sample loops” get a life, learn your craft and teach yourself every last thing you can get your mind on that help YOU express YOU without resort to ‘borrowing’ someone elses brain/work and pretending to call it your ‘own expression’ it isn’t. it’s off the shelf musak for elevators [see brian eno] it’s almost criminal the way that the technology has reduced the role of musician within music

nice one johns - see - even this forum tells me i’m responding too quickly. technology making suggestions that i just don’t need

A lot do not realize that they are picking your brains for free.
I am really annoyed that i paid £86 and having to revert back to Cubase 11.
I do not want to mess with my computer and the game is to make music not spend weeks on testing and not being rewarded for it
I had put a ticket in and still after a week no reply. My last ticket never ever had a reply at all.
Ok there are a couple of Company guys help on this forum it seems , but they are only trying to settle things down.
I have had so called help but every time it leads to me wasting my own time on what should be working properly.
Just look at the mulitple complaints on this forum . It’s a minefield.
There never seems to be a daily update on where and what is going on and how they are putting things right. It would be comforting to get some loving care from Steinburg. All you get is silence until an update comes out. At the moment i have just got my computer running smoothly again after another re-image. This is all time consuming and i have better things to do than mess about on beta studies.
So, my £86 spent is useless at the moment,probably making interest in a off shore account Lol!!
If there is no breakthrough soon , i am wondering about refunds now and what are our rights as it is software.

Off my Soapbox now, just having a Victor Meldrew moment!!! :scream: " i dont Beleeeeve it"!!!

I like your comment . I just hate the wind up toy music today

But it looks like you did have a reply, and posted about it. People post more often with complaints, than with reports about how smooth things are going. Exaggerating the negativity certainly doesn’t help.

I‘m not sure I understand your problem. Does the old Beatstep Script not work anymore?

I only can say… I have an 800+ function touchscreen set-up and re-mapping it in the new MIDI Remote was so much more enjoyable than with the old Generic Remotes. The fact that MIDI Feedback from Toggles now works reliably is fantastic.

I haven’t even looked closely at the possibilities of the API yet. I haven’t written a single line of JS yet, all done via the Surface Editor.

I think it’s a game changer.