Cubase 12 trial no license

ok,so i registered for free trial of cubase 12.
downloaded through download manager
go to open and no license found
what am i to do?
why is it not asking for my steinberg id so i can get access to it?
why can things not be easy!

You have to use the new system, as referred to in your other post today. One might wonder if you have read those replies to your missives.

Here is the official information about it:

i did not have cubase 12 installed in those other posts
activation manager is for cubase 12,but i thought that when u start cubase 12 it just asks for your steinberg id and away u go.
i have checked my pc there is no steinberg activation manager installed on it.
if i type in the search bar along bottom. steinberg activation manager 1.3.1 installer_win.exe is there.
i clicked on open on it and then activation manager installation screen appears for 10 seconds or so and dissapears,dosent seem to install

i found an app in steinberg install assistant folder called steinberg install helper,when i click on it nothing happens