Cubase 12 undo Variaudio processing

HI Everyone

Is it possible to undo processed vari audio changes to one track? It created an artifact that I didn’t expect which showed up after a lot of other edits throughout all the other tracks in the song.


You can select the variaudio event/segment, where you hear the glitch and reset it to where it was originally. Its in the same function menu where there is also the option to reanalyze certain single segments! (I took a screenshot from the net, since I am not in front of my PC right now)


Thanks TJ99. I am using Cubase 12 on a Mac and am having a difficult time finding that menu. Or wonder if it even exists in Cubase 12. Thanks in advance for the help!!

Here an actual screenshot from my PC (Cubase 12.0.40):

It should be the last menu at the bottom if you open variaudio, I have it in german, but it should be at the same position also in other languages!


Thanks TJ99. My options are all greyed out. I am assuming that is because I didn’t utilize midi for the changes. Looks like I have to rerecord this vocal. It’s a shame since it was a great performance.

You need to have Variaudio enabled and you need to select the parts you want to reset inside the editor!

Apologies @Sean_Morton if I’m misunderstanding, but did you save a version of your vocals that is not processed by Variaudio that you can go back to?

I like to duplicate the tracks, bounce the new track, and save the old one to go back to if needed, in cases like this.

I’ve started using track versions lately, that may accomplish the same purpose also.

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I did the same until short time ago, but I found working with different duplicated track versions much easier and less cluttered! :smiley: Maybe that can be of any help for you too, just because you mentioned it…

and yes, if the events are already bounced, you obviously can’t go back @Sean_Morton

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If the options don’t show up, then either you didn’t use VariAudio or you’ve already bounced/flattened your edits.

The tabs in the Audio Editor will have a brown icon if real time edits are being applied:

It might be worth checking if you’ve applied any Direct Offline Processing to this audio event. Press F7 to open the DOP window.

Hi Romantique.

Yes I already flattened edits. So that cannot be undone?


The original recording might still be available in the Pool.

Shift + Right Click the file and select “Find Selected in Pool”. Depending on how you’ve named and organized things, it might be one of the other files in the list close to the selected one.