Cubase 12 update practise with upgrade 10.5 to 11 [SOLVED]

My license can’t be activated, it’s registered but unactivated, the update policy once a type off license is upgraded it cannot upgraded a 2nd time steps in… However in November it was litterly shouted out in the sale that every license bought now was updateble to Cubase 12, only requirement was version matching … Now it seems that nobody at Steinberg recalls this .

I’m sure the Steinberg folks will take care of you, and that’s what’s important.

Unfortunately you were mistaken in your understanding of the update Grace Period Offer, but what’s important is that the final outcome will make you whole. The product manager has personally intervened already, which I think bodes well.

In my opinion Steinberg has been candid and responsive in the forums in regard to such difficulties, including posting outside of work hours late at night. Hardly shameless.


Yes exactly

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So still hanging here with a unusable license … Support has given the final statement that I bought the wrong update, they won’t go the extra mile for me… So maybee I pull the curtain and start making music again with other software … been an Cubbie for more then 20 years … sad!

So Matthias have you looked into my support case? I hope you can sort things out.
Still no solution or acceptable answer.

support request (ticket ID #465007)

It is like the support told you. You have bought the wrong update. You can return the license even after 3 months and you will get your money back. That’s the solution we can offer you.


Thanks Matthias (and Ben, Alina en Ed), this was the answer I hoped for.

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Not possible because I applied the same update already before in 2021, however the new license I bought was from 25th …

Issue is resolved, Steinberg refunds the license thanks to intervening of Matthias, Ed, en Ben.