Cubase 12 update

I want to update from Cubes 7.5 to Cubes 12. Until today I had a dongle so that if I wanted to switch from one computer to another, I transferred the dongle.
Does the 12 also have a dongle? If not, how do I switch from one computer to another?

No, Cubase 12 does not use the dongle anymore. This is the first release to use the new Steinberg Licensing.

All you need to do is to start the Activation Manager and press the Activate button to enable the license on a computer. You can activate up to three computers and don’t need to put the dongle in.

The dongle still might be needed if you have instruments or plugins that still rely on it, in that case you must connect the dongle as well.

What Juergen said. It is not a dongle system at all anymore. Just do a fresh install and you can even have Cubase on 3 different computers. If you want to transfer your old settings from your old computer to the new take a look in the Steinberg support section how to copy preset etc