Cubase 12 updated - but I still need an e-licenser for GA5, and some GA expansions?

Is there a way to really get rid of the dongle if I’ve upgraded to Cubase 12 but I still run GrooveAgent5 with 3 additional expansion packs? It sounded like all Cubase-related products would be “losing the dongle”. As long as one component needs the dongle, you can’t go dongleless…

When will GA5 be dongleless?

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I think every major new release from Steinberg will run on the new license system (Dorico 4 was the first one, and Cubase 12 the second). But you will need the “old” dongle and elicenser until all your products are running in the new license system.

I will be using the dongle for a while, because I still have a ton of VSL stuff (they will move to ilok) and 1 plugin fron Vengeance audio (tapestop). And from Steinberg I still have The Grand 3, Halion 6 and Halion Sonic 3, Simon Phillips jazz and studio, Wavelab elements 11, and Halion symphonic orchestra 1x.

My concern is not major software still fully supported and in development (like Wavelab, Halion, groove agent, Nuendo and so on), but older plugins, legacy software from Steinberg and VST sound loops and sound instrument sets. For example, plugin compression 260, padshop pro 1, The Grand 3 and Simon Phillips drums will be moved to the new system or left behind?