Cubase 12 upgrade failed: "At least one of the eLicensers used during this process is disabled"

I just bought an upgrade for Cubase 12 and already got my Download Access Code & Activation Code. But whenever I try to activate it, the upgrade failed and I got the message “At least one of the eLicensers used during this process is disabled”. I have never ask for Zero Downtime and having no issue with my current cubase version (Cubase 8.5).
Now, the new cubase 12 on Verification pending and will expire on October 2nd. Is there any solution for this?


Did you originally buy Cubase used, or through other unofficial means such as an eBay seller?

Please run the eLicenser Control Center, and click the Maintenance button to the top right. Does that change anything?

I bought it in used condition from a friend and he had upgraded it from Cubase 4 to 8.5 without any issue.
The Maintenance works well and all the 6 points are OK

It’s possible that either he or his seller bought 8.5 through fraudulent means (stolen credit card, etc…) or he scammed you, by selling you the dongle and then reporting it as stolen/lost by requesting Steinberg Zero Downtime.

Does this USB-eLicenser dongle show up as registered in your MySteinberg account? He was supposed to unregister it from his account before selling it, to prevent this kind of abuse.

Please contact Steinberg Support:

If the option is not available, please contact your local distributor:

Fortunately Before I bought it, he had unregistered the dongle from his account and now the dongle is attached to my account. now I will wait until the Steinberg Support helps my problem to solved. Thank you for your replies :wink:

Did you solve this problem?