Cubase 12 upgrade from 9.5 activation problem

Hi I don’t find the info anywhere :

When upgrading from 9.5 Pro to 12 Pro, why isn’t the activation working?
I did a clean OS install on Win 10 so 9.5 was not installed when install 12.
The elicenser (old piece of software with graphics not even showing fully) sees my USB dongle but does not show a valid license path.

And when clicking on support it only offers to contact distributors? Come on Steinberg … I’ve loved Cubase for over 20 years but this upgrade is not smooth for me.

Any help anyone? Do I need to install 9.5 in order to upgrade? Or…?

Thanks !

you definitely don’t need to install Cubase 9.5 if you have bought the Cubase 12 upgrade.

have you installed the Steinberg Download Assistant? from what I remember you do everything from there. Install the SDA, and make sure you have your dongle plugged in.

Then I think I just inserted the Donwload Access Code on the top left corner and did follow the instructions. I do remember it was a bit confusing process so take your time and read the pop ups.

Software/license activation (how to use Activation Codes) – Steinberg Support

THANKS a lot. It was actually through the Activation Manager.
Weird that Cubase emails about the elicenser when it is not actually used…
But worked so I’m good, back to producing!
20 years of Cubase… won’t give up on it haha !

yeah happy producing. Same for me. Cubase/Nuendo for such a long time I don’t find better workflows even if I get annoyed at times with bugs and GUI workflows :smiley: glad it worked out