[Cubase 12 upgrade Q] From Mojave osx, which OSX upgrade shall I choose for the minimum issues?!

I am thinking of upgrading from Cubase 11 to 12 pro.
And yes, I am the one who is currently running under ‘MOJAVE’ osx…

I have several options from Catalina to Monetery.

Which osx shall I upgrade to?

I mainly use these:

  • Softube
  • Waves
  • Plugin Alliance
  • Izotope
  • UFX
  • Euphonix MC Mix
  • Native Instruments
  • Some VSTis (but mainly hardware instruments/synths)

Do you think I should go for 12 pro!?

I think also I should not waste hanging myself onto Mojave since it is getting outdated (sadly)…
Good thing was,

on Mojave I can run Cubase 8, 10, 11.
But probably when I upgrade, 8 will not work anymore and maybe I should just let it go.

What would be your advice?!

Thanks in advance!
Anyone with issues please let me know :slight_smile:
Have a great day!

I think you should get yourself a copy of Superduper and be very carefull :slight_smile:
Specially when you have actual work in the music industry…

Im running Catalina…Cubase 11 is perfect but CB12 has a serious bug for me (Render in Place is not working right), and is unusable (for me)…but im one of the few. Im actually thinking of upgrading to macOS Montery…

Think about the features you really, really need and make your choice from there.
For instance, dragging audio to chord track is amazing.
If the latest options are not THAT important to you, skip the hassle and just keep making great music.

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Ok!.. man, I ‘might’ skip 12… if 12 audio engine is not that different from 11.
But I do vocal tuning with Vari-Audio and I heard 12 Vari-Audio tuning engine has been slightly upgraded.

My ‘caught-my-eye’ feature was, any midi controller snap function. That feature is simply amazing, but overall I will, yes, consider more about it. Sad to hear, that you are having troubles.

Did you also come from ‘Mojave’ or even earlier ones?

Also I do not know how to classify which plugins of mine are ‘32bit’?
I thought 11 just does not make 32bit work anyways? so, I thought 32bit plugins issue did not belong to me. Aren’t I right?

I did the update from Mojave to Monterey. Im not so sure that it was good move. I could have used catalina or big shur. The reason was that I expect that cubase 13 will not work with catalina and so forth. I dont expect to update this machine ever. When it no longer works with Monterey in the studio it is long overdue for a new computer with an Arm processor. So it is not the optimal update, but skip doing the same thing over and over again. I did not have any legacy 32-bit “must” have so it went fine. I think it will more painful with the migration to Arm.

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That was a huge move! :slight_smile: hope your apps all work fine aye?! Yeah… I am kinda being a scared one here… hehe I am actually loving 11 setup… but cannot lie. I really want to try 12 out. I will see!

What kind of model mac do you have, exactly?

Latest Intel Mac mini maxed out, just before M1 model came out. So intel chip! :slight_smile:

Well, unless you really need a proper working shuttle transport… (Cubase 8 was the last one where shuttle transport worked)

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yeah i had the same with my maxed out 16" macbook, bought it 6 months before m1 max came out because i needed it for the road. Its for sale now LOL
i never use the laptop other but important on the road stuff, and only if the AC is turned all the way down or it will choke.

This is one of the reasons i would like to update to latest OS.
I read that they fixed a problem with the macbook pro getting to hot.
But i guess this doesnt concern the mac mini.

I see, I see. I have 2012 Retina Macbook pro I hardly use (back when I used to work on Cubase Pro 8 haha) then I got mac mini maxed and love it. Also very portable too :slight_smile:

I am just still deciding. Like, few years ago, I skipped having Cubase 9 Pro? and never regretted it, then I got myself 10, then 11 lol

I guess, I will have to see :slight_smile:

Real fun issue with mac mini, once a month, like, bluetooth connection goes off so I need to wire mouse then restart the mac mini (common symptom on mojave, mac mini… might just upgrade to the latest mojave osx…)