Cubase 12 upgrade won't register

I’ve purchased upgrade from Cubase 11 Pro to 12 Pro.
I’ve followed these instructions from Steinberg:

    Open the Steinberg Download Assistant.  
    Enter the Download Access Code at the top left.
    A dialog box opens, prompting you to activate the corresponding license. It also shows an Activation Code. You don't need to write it down. 
    Click on the [Upgrade] button.
    An eLicenser Control Center window opens. The Activation Code has been filled in automatically.

And then it says No license to upgrade selectable.

I have the newest versions of eLicenser and Download Assistent.

I’[ve looked around on the forum and there seem to be similar problems, but the solutions don’t seem to work, so help would be much appreciated.

The reports I have seen for that error message usually point to the wrong update product having been purchased, or the USB elicenser not being present when attempting to apply the update.

Is that possible?

I upgraded from Cubase 11 Pro to Cubase 12 Pro, so that seems OK
I assume you mean the dongle being present? It is and it is accessible.

Please post a screenshot of your eLicenser Control Center with the serial numbers hidden, and which upgrade you purchased according to your receipt/purchase confirmation email.

No need, as I’m also in contact with Support, which has confirmed that I made the right upgrade. However, the solution they offered doesn’t work. I’ll keep you posted.

You could also just post a screenshot of your eLicenser Control Center so we can be sure.

Ok, then.

You already applied the update. Have you actually launched the Activation Manager?

Yes, I have. In the Activation Manager the button says Deactivate, so something is activated. What alarms me is that when I start Cubase 12 I get the message that my trial period is almost over and I’m directed to the Activation Manager.

It’s easier to help you if you post screenshots. That way we don’t have to ask as many questions. Do you have a trial license? Does your license say “Verification Pending”? Do you see more than one Cubase 12 license?

If it says Verification Pending, close all Steinberg programs, open the eLicenser Control Center, click the Maintenance button, then try running the Steinberg Activation Manager again.

Please make sure that the Steinberg Activation Manager is updated to 1.4.0. It could also help to restart your computer.

Legitimate questions. However, in the last hour I have not been able to reproduce the trial version warning even after a PC restart (though it showed up several times before that) and yes, in the Activation Manager it now says “Activated” where until very recently it said “Verification Pending”.
??? Has Steinberg sneakily done something after answering my ticket?
So it seems resolved, though I don’t understand how.
Everybody a big thank you for your attention and help.