Cubase 12 "Verification Pending" and Groove Agent stopped working | MacOS


I restarted Cuabse and Groove Agent worked fine for a few seconds, then stoppen.
When entering the VST I get the following message:
“No License found, Please switch to Steinberg Activation Manager for more information”.

So I did switch to the latest, and there I didn’t see any mention of Groove Agent, however I did see that the lisence of Cubase Pro 12 status is on “Verification Pending”.

Any help with this issue?

Hi guys,

I’m using a Mac M1 Pro
Just did a MacOS software update and restarted my comupter when a Cubase Project was open.
After the reset, opening the same project yields the aforementioned error.
I checked Steinberg Download Assitant and I have the very latest version of Groove Agent SE installed as can be seen in the screenshot.

Before the restart Groove Agent worked fine.
How can I fix it, and what is the cause?
Is it always a best practice to save and close porjects before restart?


Did you get a fix for this? I’m having the same problem except my version of Cubase is fully activated.

You could just try installing again from the download manager, BTW which never really indicates what is already installed (eg, turns out that while showing many, many download options for the recent Absolute 6 upgrade, only three really need to be installed: HALion 7 (no content needed for that, & libs for FMLab & Tales - the rest of the significant GB downloads are completly irrevelevant. Very annoying.)

Just try the Groove Agent install, the libs should already be there is installed before.

Yeah it was fixed but I don’t remember how… very possible that a simple restart solved it. Have you tried to restard the computer?

Thanks but still no luck. I’ve rebooted many, many times. I downloaded and updated Cubase as well as Groove Agent via download manager. This seemed to fix Groove Agent but now Halion Sonic is doing the exact same thing. I’ve downloaded and updated Halion (twice now) and it’s still not working.
By the way, I’m actually on PC but this error seems to be a general Licence activation issue - I’ve seen a few other posts but none seem to offer a solution that is working for me.