Cubase 12 "Verification Pending" and Groove Agent stopped working | MacOS


I restarted Cuabse and Groove Agent worked fine for a few seconds, then stoppen.
When entering the VST I get the following message:
“No License found, Please switch to Steinberg Activation Manager for more information”.

So I did switch to the latest, and there I didn’t see any mention of Groove Agent, however I did see that the lisence of Cubase Pro 12 status is on “Verification Pending”.

Any help with this issue?

Hi guys,

I’m using a Mac M1 Pro
Just did a MacOS software update and restarted my comupter when a Cubase Project was open.
After the reset, opening the same project yields the aforementioned error.
I checked Steinberg Download Assitant and I have the very latest version of Groove Agent SE installed as can be seen in the screenshot.

Before the restart Groove Agent worked fine.
How can I fix it, and what is the cause?
Is it always a best practice to save and close porjects before restart?