Cubase 12 versus softube console 1 fader

Hello there.
I would like to ask if any of you are using Softube Console 1 Fader with Cubase 12 pro. I have just purchased one and it would be ok if it wasn’t for the fact that it does not work as it should. When the softube mixer is opened, everything is as it should be. However, when I move the faders on the console, the faders on the Cubase mixer do not move. However, the volume changes. However, I am not able to change the level of sends etc. via the console.
I sent an inquiry to Softube but they haven’t answered me yet. You know what it is like with customer service everywhere.
Maybe someone has encountered a similar problem?

I forgot to add that yes, I’m placing console 1 plugin on the top of every track.

Whether the plug-in is VST3?

Are you using PC or Mac?

I’m using PC

make sure the console 1 plugin is from the Softube Dynamics folder and NOT the one under Filter

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I use it and generally it works well with Cubase 12. I’d reach out to Softube support, they usually get back to me quickly. Sounds like the hardware sees the plugin but the DAW integration features are not working for some reason.

I’d seen your issue here but I’m on Mac. I think mine was due to running in Rosetta rather than Native. Sorry, that’s no use to you! As others have said, I’ve found Softube support to be pretty responsive, sure they’ll help.

It doesn’t matter in which folder the console one plugin resides. The only thing that is important is that you use the vst3 version and not the vst2.
And the integration must be turned on in the console one settings, but that should be automatically if you are using the vst3 version.

FWIW, I’m just today starting to see issues with Softube not connecting to certain plugin instances in Cubase 12. Connects to most fine, but some it doesn’t see, or gives the error “Your DAW does not support auto track names” etc.

Never seen this behavior before, so maybe there is a bug afoot.

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I think I solved this problem - thanks a lot “folkfreak”. Installing console 1 fader software creates two types of plugins. VST2 and VST3 - I had no idea about that. More precisely, Fx VST 2.4, which in Cubase is located in the Softube folder, and Fx / Dynamics / EQ VST 3.6.13, which is located in the Dynamics folder.
Unfortunately, what I believe should be the case when installing, there is no way to choose which vst’s I would like to install.
The first time I tried Console 1 Fader, on Cubase I chose a plugin from the Softube folder which seems obvious.
After posting “folkfreak” I realized that there is another plugin in the Dynamics folder. Once this plugin has been selected and placed in inserts, everything works as it should. I blocked the VST 2.4 so that there would be no confusion.

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Yes, as you can’t choose not to install the vst 2 versions with softube I installed them in a place that cubase doesn’t see…

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I just blocked it in. VST manager.
Thx again.

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I should have added the VST 3 version has 3 “bars” /// on the right side and loads in the Dynamics folder as I mentioned

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I used Softube console1 with Cubase11 and worked fine (the controller with the rotary controls, not faders) . As soon I updated to Cubase 12 I noticed the following serious issues: a) console 1 doesn’t follow the track changes in Cubase12, I need to manually select the right track from the Softube controller each time I change a track in Cubase! b) Cubase12 crashed twice when I made changed with the volume control of the controller. Its a pity because with CB11 everything was fine so I used console1 in many tracks. I hope this will be fixed soon

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