Cubase 12 VU Meter - Not correct

Why is th VU meter in Cubase 12 is not correct? I try many VU meters…The free VU meter from TB Pro Audio and also from Waves and Klanghelm. All theay are the the same but Cubase is not correct. For example in the same audio only Cubase show the strange result. It’s so low…

I try to put it to dbfs in the settings and then it’s near but anyway seems that it’s not true result… What Iam doing wrong?

Have you set the calibration on the Spervision meters to -18db ?

Yes. And it’s by default

The meters work perfect here if the settings are on Peak and not Vu in the meter mode

Strange… did you try to compare it with other VU if you have a chance of course

Both meters read correct in Peak mode

Really strange for me then…

Are both your meters on the same inserts ie not pre and post fader ?
Also the Klanghelm looks like it’s set to VU instead of peak , there was a thread discussing the setup of the Supervision VU meters and the way it works somewhere im trying to find it for you

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They are both on Control room Instert

Looks the strange with Pro Audio as well

Do you have Sonarworks in your controlroom inserts , just a guess ?

Nope. Only Supervision. I tried to put it on the master. The result is the same…

You have to set the scale in Supervision to “VU dbFS” to get a behaviour like other VU meters. It isn’t by default. See also my post to a previous thread with a similar question:

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Thanks. But it’s really strange that Steinberg named it like VU and you need to switch to DBfs for the proper VU scale…