(cubase 12) When I use a plugin I hear both the source and the processed sound OMG!

Hey there, My OCD is going crazy right now lol (but not really).
I recorded my vocals and then wanted to use an autotune on it and I hear the tuned voice with the source vocal so Im getting a chorus effect because of it and it drives me crazy !! My kid is here and I cant do anything at the moment please HELP!

Whatever is happening is pretty dependent how you have your routing set up. Since you haven’t shared that info this is only speculation.

If the Autotune is on an FX Channel accessed via a send - then yeah you should hear them both.

If the plug-in is on a Insert perhaps it has a mix control to blend the original & processed audio?


Hi raino,
So, there are no FX channels open and no “mix” on that Plugin but , on the “bit Crusher” with %100 mix and still creating the same effect. ??
Thanks for the interest. If it makes sense, feel free to add…

Perhaps you have the kind of interface that has a mixed knob on it. It should be turned all the way to the DAW setting otherwise you’re going to hear what you are inputting as well.

I guess it is exactly that or at least something related with direct monitoring.

You’ll also get this symptom with some plugins if inserting a mono version on a stereo track (and vice versa).

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Hey Phil!
Even after more than 15 years I still make mistakes lol.
It was a stereo channel with a mono plugin. Thats why.
Thanks so much.

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Great stuff. And yes of course we have all done (and still do) it. :slight_smile: