Cubase 12 with Komplete Kontrol s61, the mixer freeze sounds

Cubase 12 with Komplete Kontrol s61, when i use mixer on my keyboard, after i cange volume of some of them, it freeze sounds and i can’t find nothing can stop it, no panic button and i can’t solve. I must close and restart cubase. I need it fir my live performance. Please help me.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

There is Reset in the MIDI Menu, which should send the MIDI Reset data. Is this doesn’t work, then the freeze is on the audio engineer already, i.e. in Kontakt.

Many thanks Martin for your suggestion, midi reset works fine for me.
Now i hope someone help me to understand why, when i move mixer knobs on my komplete kontrol s61, cubase freeze sounds and how to avoid it.
Thank you

What version of the s61 do you have?

Komplete kontrol s61 mk2 with komplete standard 14

I have the same controller as you but have not experienced what you describe.
Can you post a screenshot of your MIDI ports?

This is my midi configuration, Steinberg is my audioboard

Remove “KOMPLETE KONTROL DAW” from “In ‘All MIDI’”. This port is used for controlling the mixer, Play/Stop, etc. and shouldn’t be used on regular MIDI or Instrument Tracks.

Yes, it works well for me !!! You are great!!!
This solves my problem. I need to use the keyboard mixer when I play live, so much so that I even thought about selling the keyboard if I couldn’t solve it or buying another one. Thank you so much !!!