Cubase 12 Won't Launch on MB Pro M1 Pro Chip

About to throw Cubase in the trash and not look back.

Purchased a Macbook Pro with the M1 chip and upgraded to Cubase 12 about a year ago. Wasn’t able to get the app to work then. I have applied the workaround as follows:

  • Tick “Open using Rosetta” (check it)
  • Close the Info window
  • Open the Info window again
  • Tick “Open using Rosetta” (uncheck it)

No improvement.

Apple is making it too easy to launch their free garage band app and use it for demo recordings. This is my last try before I delete Cubase off my machine and buy logic.


You didn’t mention what happens once your start Cubase.

I have 12 on an M2Pro and no issues.

Quit Cubase
Change Rosetta status
Launch Cubase

The. Biggest difference is you’ll be able to use older plugins