Cubase 12 won't start - stuck on "initializing: video player"

installing Cubase 12 on my laptop was successful with out any problems.

on my my main studio computer, however, I can’t even get it started.

Once it was stuck on “mixer”, but 25 other times it is stuck on “video player”

I have tried all the options in the startup. no plugins, delete preferences and so on. I tried uninstalling Cubase 12 and reinstalling - the same result!

In the task manager it says “checking Licenses - not responding”

any tips?

PS: Cubase 11 is running just fine

Did you see the long thread about this?

no I searched, I got 1 hit of a guy with startup problems without any plugins !?!?

Thanks Steve. That did the trick, now it’s working on this machine too. I guess when Cubase splash screen uses the Z in spelling and the forum don’t I didn’t find it :wink:

Deleting the preferences folder in the “roaming” folder did the job.

Ha! You’re right! The British should really start spelling correctly already.