cubase 12

when does cubase 12 supposed to be released?


Shortly before Christmas, 2022.


They should fix all the bugs in Cubase4 first! :sunglasses:

Please wake me up in time :mrgreen:

I heard a rumor there’s supposed to be an announcement during Summer NAMM (2021)

i have resources at steinberg HQ , they told me as a secret that cubase 12 will be released between cubase 11 and cubase 13 !!

It was a typo error. It should read :-

(v)1.2 !! :stuck_out_tongue:

When does good grammar come to Hayatland? :laughing:

When other people whom I bite off of learn to use good grammer! :mrgreen:

Nobody’s perfct :confused:

Grammar does not necessarily mean proper wording or phrasing but it’s helpful when people use proper spacing.

The proliferation of mobile telephony, means that basic elements of web discourse are often excluded at the expense of desktop browsing but alas not all manufacturers observe standards, as defined by the w3c.

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