Cubase 12Pro and Monterey - cannot connect to CoreMIDI

I use a Line 6 KB37 for my midi, and recently upgraded to Cubase 12 Pro. Everything was fine, I’ve downloaded every update, but after finishing an album project, I upgraded to Monterey. Everything works except on startup, I get this message: cannot connect to CoreMIDI. Please restart your system. Help!


Try to reinstall the MIDI device’s driver. Make sure the driver is compatible with your macOS version, please.

I did uninstall it, and Line6 sent me the correct driver - the most current one that works with Monteray for non-M1 chips. Mine is Intel. I installed the new driver, and same problem - keeps telling me to restart my system because it can’t connect to CoreMIDI


Is there any CoreMIDI reset from Terminal by any chance?

I don’t know how to do that

I have the same problem !


This is macOS issue. But a good workaround is to initialize CoreMIDI before launching Cubase. An easy way to do this is to launch the Audio MIDI Setup utility and open the MIDI Studio window. It will take an unusually long time to load the MIDI studio, but after it has loaded, CoreMIDI will be initialized. Leave that open and launch Cubase and it will open up much faster and MIDI will work.