Cubase 12Pro and Monterey - cannot connect to CoreMIDI

I use a Line 6 KB37 for my midi, and recently upgraded to Cubase 12 Pro. Everything was fine, I’ve downloaded every update, but after finishing an album project, I upgraded to Monterey. Everything works except on startup, I get this message: cannot connect to CoreMIDI. Please restart your system. Help!


Try to reinstall the MIDI device’s driver. Make sure the driver is compatible with your macOS version, please.

I did uninstall it, and Line6 sent me the correct driver - the most current one that works with Monteray for non-M1 chips. Mine is Intel. I installed the new driver, and same problem - keeps telling me to restart my system because it can’t connect to CoreMIDI


Is there any CoreMIDI reset from Terminal by any chance?

I don’t know how to do that